Saturday, April 23, 2011

Donald Brashear signs MMA contract

So if anyone if a fan of hockey, then you most likely have heard of NHL Enforcer Donald Brashear. This man compiled over 2600 PIMs in the NHL, along with 205 points. Here's a good fight of his to show you what he was all about:

Will he take the way Jose Canseco took in MMA? If you don't know, Jose did awful in his MMA showing although he had to fight Hong Man Choi who happens to be over 7ft tall. Brashear made his living getting punched in the face so he'll be used to that, it will be just interesting to see how he adapts his grappling and clinch work.

Apparently Brashear is a 2-1 amateur boxer under Joe Frazier. Other notable hockey enforcers to try MMA include
  • Steve Bosse and
  • Jon Mirasty
UFC Welterweight Champion GSP got to wrestle tough-guy Georges Laraque awhile back. Laraque, a 265lb NHL enforcer was simply outclassed by the 170lb (probably around 190lb) GSP then, and it goes to show you the skill differential between the two warriors.

Anyways, its an interesting situation and I will be following it.


ZTemoo said...

Wow, can't wait to see him fight!

Scrogglez said...

love how they break out in fights inhockey, wish they would do that in baseball haha

Bob said...

@Scrogglez, they could fight like they do in the Korean baseball leagues:


Tatiana Boinais said...


JayPower said...

Donald Brashear is the best ;D

Anonimess said...

gonna keep an eye on this

daniel said...

the hockey video made me lol

chronometer said...

The hockey one was funny.

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