Thursday, May 12, 2011

TUF Season 13 Episode 7 Recap

I usually wouldn't post the recaps to these shows but some gifs came out and I thought it would be good to do!

So in this episode it was the coaches challenge, where Junior had to face off against Brock in a football type course. Seeing as Brock tried out for the Minnesota Vikings, you'd think he'd have the advantage, but Junior came out on top with a pretty big lead. His win earned him $10,000 cash and $1,500 cash for all his fighters.

The fight tonight was Chuck O' Neil (Team Lesnar) vs Javier Torres (Team Santos)

Chuck was one of the better touted fighters, but lost to a triangle choke in his first fight in a very short time span, not getting to show off any of his skills. Javier was more of a grinder type (boring) fighter, he likes the cage clinch.

In the 1st round, there were a couple of wild exchanges in the 1st, both connecting with some punches. But mostly cage clinching and reversing, with some knees and punches thrown in.

Both guys get some encouragement from the Coaches, and come out for the 2nd round. Again, there are some wild exchanges in this round, but brief. Javier manages to get Chuck down off a trip from the clinch but Chuck is back up. Javier gets him down again and to his back, but Chuck manages to reverse and get on top.

The two fight over control, Javier trying to stay in half-guard while Chuck trying to pass. Finally, Javier scrambles but Chuck manages to control is head and secures a variation of the head and arm choke (this instance called a Darce Choke).

The series between Lesnar and Dos Santos is tied 4-4. Should make for some great upcoming episodes.

GIFS courtesy of ZombieProphet


gman said...

yes i think chuck was being quite the opportunist at the end, and to his benefit

DubbaDeeDoo said...

Why did he pull down his shorts... lol. -.-

CPH said...

Seems like at any moment they might start making out

ds said...

Lol at that first gif. :D

Fortune said...

Great recap, nice .gifs!

baka1236 said...

the first gif is so funny

Anonymous said...

Man, those guys are -fast-.

CPH said...

Love the gifs

ApocTV said...

Can't wait to see Lesnar and Dos Santos fight :)

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