Friday, July 15, 2011

Carlos Condit - Career Highlights

I thought for my next fighter profiles I would pick some of my favorite fighters, and Carlos Condit is one of them. He fights to finish EVERY fight, none of this lay n pray or wall n stall. If it hits the ground, he's looking for a sweep or submission, and a KO if it's on the feet.

Carlos 'The Natural Born Killer' Condit
MMA Record: 27 wins - 5 losses 
  •  Knockouts: 13
  • Submissions: 13
  • Decision Wins: 1
Notable Ranks: Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Camp: Greg Jackson's Submission Fighting
Honors: Former WEC Welterweight Champion - 2 x Fight of the Night - 2 x KO of the Night

Like I said in the opening text, this guy is an absolute animal. In 27 career wins he's only gone the distance once in his entire career, and in today's MMA, that's very respectable. 

He started out his career in promotions like King of the Cage, Shootfighting, Pancrase, and eventually moved up to the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting), the UFC's 'sister' promotion. He gained popularity in the WEC, defeating his first two opponents by Rear Naked Choke to become the [last] WEC welterweigh champion.

After the WEC dissolved their welterweight division, Condit made his UFC debut against Martin Kampmann, and Condit dropped a split decision loss. Since then, he's on a tear, beating 4 opponents in a row including a highlight KO of Dan Hardy. He is expected to fight BJ Penn at UFC 137, but it's not official yet.

Highlight KO GIFs:

TKO of the 'Stun Gun' Dong Hyun Kim

KO of Dan 'the Outlaw' Hardy

Grappling GIFs: Had a hard time finding any GIFs of his submissions, of course I have his sweep on Dong Hyun Kim. If I find more I'll post them!


Bremsy said...

whoa some nice KOs he looks like what hes doing

Jblogger said...

nice gifs

Amber said...

I dont know a lot about UFC fighting so its cool to see someone break it down for a Maybe I'll learn something :)


Vague Raconteur said...

I don't know anything about UFC, but I definitely don't want to get in a fight with that badass!

AiJay said...

haha,my comp couldnt handle all the gifs :D

Dralel said...

That's some good moves he's doing there.

Tó Rock said...

Very good fighter. We will see very good combats from him!

braumaman said...

If Penn beats him, I think that pretty much guarantees another shot at GSP.

Tony Storm said...

damn the stungun's hardcore

Jessica Thompson said...

Wow look at the man! Hit me back,

Noises said...

I dont want to get a punch of them

baka1236 said...

that guy is crazy

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