Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Ultimate Fighter S14 E02 - Recap and GIFs

Last night we had the first official fight of the season. I say official because in the first episode, all the fights were to determine who could get into the house. Today's episode was about picking team's, and of course, both coaches thought that they both got the better of the fighters. Apparently Bisping was confident that all of Mayhem's picks would be just fodder for his picks.

Michael Bisping got the first fighter pick, giving Mayhem the right to pick the first fight. The fight that was picked was Bryan Caraway(Team Mayhem) vs Marcus Brimage(Team Bisping), a classic striker versus grappler match-up, credit to Mayhem's grappling background.

The middle segments of the show just showed the guys getting comfortable in the house and Mayhem's team playing a prank on Bisping's team, insuring some drama. There was also an injury during practice, good thing even the TUF guys get that great insurance!

Bryan Caraway(Team Mayhem) vs Marcus Brimage(Team Bisping) - Carrway via RNC (2nd Round)
After these two were picked, they had sort of a show-down at the weigh-ins. I'll give credit to Bisping's team, they tried to play the mind game and piss Caraway off with an immature song, and it worked, but perhaps in Caraway's favor. Then Brimage gave a pretty laugh-worthy scream right in Caraway's face at the end, insuring a heated fight.

Caraway's gameplan was simple, get it to the ground and finish it there, he didn't want to give credit to Marcus' striking. He would no doubt have to use some of that insurance if he wanted to stand and bang with Marcus. 

1st Round: Caraway gets the take-down on Marcus and ends up on his back the entire round, trying to get a RNC but with no success.

2nd Round: Both guys seem pretty winded, and the fight seems to turn to Marcus who lands a good knee and couple of punches, all while stuffing Caraway's takedown attempts. Caraway finally gets a takedown, winds up on top, and sinks in a fast RNC that gets him the win.


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