Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kimbo Slice's 2nd professional boxing match

Kimbo Slice had a rough time with MMA, mainly his conditioning and ability to take leg kicks. It seems boxing will be his combat sport in the mean time, and he's started off strong with two KOs in his first two fights, hope this second guy has medical insurance cause he got face-planted KO'd. Not to say his opponents are top quality, but he's still fun to watch.

Here was his first fight:

And this is the most recent one (actual fight around :29 into the video):


Sub-Radar-Mike said...

I know I sure wouldn't get into the ring with him, he has fists like 18 wheelers.

McTeo said...

Man! is good not to pay to see this guy fight because he beats his rival in a few seconds!! lol
He has a really acurate punch, on the second video you can see he hits just in the center of the jaw!

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