Friday, October 14, 2011

UFC moving back to 7PM PT/ 10PM EST start time

If you didn't know already, the UFC decided to test out a new start time - 9PM EST, and ran with it for 8 events. It seems the test is over because they have announced that it will resume back to it's old time, with the prelims starting at 9pm and the main card at 10pm.
Since I'm an east-coaster I'm kinda bummed out, I enjoyed the early start time because it meant more sleep for me on Sunday. I'm assuming the drop in times maybe dropped the ratings a little bit and frustrated the west coasters.

The 'new' time will resume for UFC 141, which will be on December 30th. So what do you guys think, for this new time or against it, or does it even bother you at all :P?


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