Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bellator 46 - Results and GIFs

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Bellator had their 46th event on Saturday,  June 25th in Hollywood, Florida. This event was awesome and had some great finishes. Hope you guys enjoy!

Featherweight Quarter Finals
Pat Curran defeats Luis Palomino via Subson (Peruvian Neck Tie, 3:49, 1st Round) - 
Seriously an awesome submission, variant of an arm-in guillotine.
Marlon Sandro defeats Genair da Silva Jr. via Split Decision

Nazareno Malegarie defeats Jacob Devree via Submission (Guillotine, 1:25, 3rd Round)-

This was an AWESOME display of grappling. Malegarie had 2 very tight guillotines in the fight but finally tapped out the wrestler Devree with the 3rd guillotine. There was a ton of submission attempts by Malegarie, and me being a huge fan of exciting grappling, I was loving it.
Malegarie attempting a heel hook, a submission that can heavily damage the knee.
The 3rd and final guillotine, a sweep to mount made this a quick finish.

Ronnie Mann defeats Adam Schindler via KO
( Punches, 4:13, 1st Round) -

Local Feature Fights

Dan Cramer defeats Josh Samman via Unanimous Decision
Alexandre Bezeera defeats Sam Jones via Submision (Triangle, 3:27, 1st Round)
Tony Johnson Jr defeats Derrick Lewis via Unanimous Decision
Jessica Aguilar defeats Carla Esparza via Unanimous Decision
Dave Baggett vs. Moyses Gabin


braumaman said...

I wish I could remember to watch Bellator. Due to it being a different name every week, my freaking Tivo refuses to DL it. >_<

Zach said...

@braumanman they put on very good shows. Its on at 9pm est every Saturday, don't miss it >:D!!

baka1236 said...

these fights are brutal as always

Devour said...

Idk but im ready to watch that saturday ufc 132 fight!!!! Its gonna be a blast.

lunatic said...

cool gifs mate

blorriepoes said...

damn its always so enjoyable :D
thanks for this again mate!

phosports said...

the 1st one is so good, the fly kick

Drizzzzz said...

Nice collection of fighting Gifs!

Jblogger said...

nice gifs

Azurikai said...

very good gifs, how much is the featherweight category?

Anonymous said...

I'm with pho; that fly kick is awesome ;D

Henry said...

nice gifs. The first one was surprising.

Byakuya said...

Loving the gifs, some epic clips there.

The beatdown on the last one is awesome

Bremsy said...

whoa some nice combos there in the gifs

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