Thursday, October 6, 2011

TUF S14 E3 - Recap and GIFs

Back again bloggers, sorry for the lapse there I was a little busy this time around. As you know from my previous TUF post, Mayhem won the first fight giving his team the next fight match up. The match up would be Johnny Bedford versus Josh Ferguson. Ferguson brought out a sign that said "F you Bedford", which apparently incensed Johnny.

The filler content for the episode did bring some drama. Akira, who I guess will now get credit for being the prankster in the house, was apparently getting everyone's nerves, eventually pissing off one of the fighters who had a heated conversation.

Another heated moment was Marcus Brimmage sparring with a couple of guys. When you spar, you tend to go 60% or around, and you can tell when guys pick up the pace and start getting aggressive. Marcus and Akira got aggressive, and then another one of Bisping's fighters got into with him.

 Johnny Bedford vs Josh Ferguson
Round 1: This was a pretty tame fight compared to the other fights on the house. Ferguson definitely had the better stand-up even with the height and reach difference. However, Bedford was able to bring the fight down on the ground at will, and almost caught Ferguson in an armbar.

Round 2: Ferguson again is doing well on the feet, but goes for a dumb flying knee and it gets slammed for it. Bedford pretty much rides out the decision now.


Magnum said...

Yeah, I agree with you, this sparring started off like normal 'warm-up' with everyone pretty calm and then suddenly the pace got faster, more intense. I still wonder why MMA hasn't gathered bigger popularity yet.

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

haha i never udnerstand how they can stand in front of each other for photo shoots when they prolly hate each other guts... (or maybe they dun hate each other that much :o)

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