Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chris Lytle to retire after UFC Live 5

Win or lose tonight versus Dan Hardy, veteran UFC and MMA fighter Chris Lytle has announced that he will retire. If you watched the weigh- ins yesterday, Lytle was seen handing a note to Dana White after he had weighed in, presumably letting Dana know his retirement.

And like I said, this guy is a true veteran fighter. 15 professional boxing fights, 53 total MMA fights (30-18-5), 19 UFC fights, 2 WEC fights, and a participant on UFC's The Ultimate Fighter. Another crazy statistic - in his 18 losses he has never been TKO'd or KO'd. You know what his other job is? He is a firefighter. This guy is tough as nails and ALWAYS brings a good fight, he will surely be missed by the MMA community. I will definitely have to do a career highlight post for him later this week.

Thanks for the exciting career Chris.


Diego Sousa said...

how old is he? i think he's kinda young to retire!
and... do the firefighteres pay that good?!?!!

iNews said...

Nice post!

Magnum said...

I think that their retirement age might be much lower than we imagine it to be. It's all about body, it's capabilities, strength and vitality. Even if you're young, there are sometimes people who are still younger.
Or he might have decided to do something different in his life, invest the money he got, etc. We should wish him well.

Admin said...

He's a legend.

Icepax_Nmir said...

Wow, he sounds like the kind of guy you don't want to mess around with... But damn, retiring already, that's kind of crazy... :p

Henry said...

The young retirement age isn't necessarily a bad thing. Fighting into old age risks all sorts of brain damage and such, like career pro football players.

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