Friday, August 26, 2011

Skilled Security Guard vs Man (street fight)

I saw this fight on It's a pretty crazy fight, and the guard showed a decent knee and boxing skills. I haven't seen a guy keep his hands up in a street fight like that in awhile. Although with the wild flailing from the other man you'd think he would be able to land a KO shot.

Even funnier that the guy on the other end thought he won the fight.


Henry said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA Nice. I hope that someday all security guards will actually be able to fight like that. No more fat guys that would get winded after running 10 feet.

Ting Kubby said...

lol makes a change from the usual overweight security guards, this dude should be in the ufc.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Woah, you've got to be crazy to go up against someone like that.

Magnum said...

Amazing skill, we definitely need more guys like these. Around here, being retired is often enough to get hired as a security guard.

Sylar said...

incredible skill haha

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