Wednesday, August 17, 2011

UFC signs with Fox?

Admire my legit paint skills
In what would represent a major push into the mainstream for the UFC, Fox has agreed to a deal that will see the broadcast channel air as many as four MMA events per year, according to several sources. The multiyear deal would mark the first time the UFC will have consistent airtime on a broadcast network. Fox execs refused to comment on the deal, but sources with knowledge of the negotiations said bidding had gone as high as $90M per year.
The Fox deal is believed to be for seven or eight years. As part of the deal, most of the weekly programming that UFC has on Versus and Spike TV will move to FX starting in January. That includes several fight cards, plus shows like the reality series "The Ultimate Fighter." Fox-owned Fuel also will wind up with some UFC content. But rumors that Fox will rebrand Fuel as a UFC channel are not true, sources said.
 Not sure what to think about with this deal. I guess the bright side would be that UFC will be acquiring a huge television market and perhaps reach out to more homes that didn't have SpikeTV. I hope that this won't change any of the major things about the UFC, like removing Joe Rogan and replacing him with FOX commentators.

What do you guys think?



GT said...

Great post!

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Really interesting, I wonder if this will increase their viewership being away from the "man's man" channel that is Spike.

Henry said...

This doesn't affect me none since I do get Spike TV and I don't watch UFC much but I completely understand your fear of FOX commentators moving in.

Terminus Ex said...

Whether its a good move or not i am on the fance but i think it was an inevitable move. It is the fastest growing sport over here in Australia.. mabey the world? I think because of that its inevitable a major network like Fox would take it up and bring it to the masses.

cheshire said...

I definitely admire you paint skills; too legitimate to quit on it.

Copyboy said...

I think that's a big move which could give a shot in the arm and face to a lot of companies.

Poetry of the Day said...

im not sure what to think about this man
- Romance

PvtCarlin said...

I think it fits in perfectly with fox.

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