Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zuffa cuts notable Golden Glory fighters

In somewhat of a controversial decision, parent company of the UFC and Strikeforce, Zuffa, has decided to cut some notable fighters from Strikeforce's roster, including 1 UFC fighter.

These fighters include:
  • Alistair Overeem - was the current HW Strikeforce Champion)
  • Marloes Coenen - previous Strikeforce women's champion prior to her loss to Miesha Tate)
  • Valenitijn Overeem  - brother of Strikeforce HW Champion Alistair Overeem
  • Jon Olav Einemo - UFC HW

     Now fans were quick to jump to the defense of the Golden Glory fighters but in reality the camp was trying to play hard-ball with Zuffa, which isn't a good idea as AKA find out (they later came back to the UFC).

    A week or so ago, Alistair Overeem had announced that he was pulling out from the Strikeforce HW Grand Prix, leaving Daniel Cormier to fight Antonio Silva. The rumor was that Overeem had an injury an pulled out, but it later turned out he will be fighting later in the fall with his camp's promotion. Of course Zuffa wasn't going to have any of it.

    Here's what Dana White had to say about the situation:

    On Thursday, UFC president Dana White spoke about the issues that led to the split.
    "This is actually a pretty simple explanation," he said. "If you look back throughout history, we haven't had any Golden Glory guys fight with us since Semmy Schilt, right? And the reason is we have very different business practices. It's tough to do business with them. The bottom line is the way they do business is, you have to pay them, not the fighters. We don't work that way. It's not the way we do business. It's not how it works in the United States with the athletic commissions. You don't pay the managers and the managers pay the fighters. You pay the fighters and the fighters pay the managers."
    White went on to say that while they had previously honored existing Strikeforce deals, it became apparent Golden Glory management wouldn't change their long-held practices.
    "They won't do it," he said. "We have to pay them, not the fighters."

    Anyways, this had been the recent talk of the MMA community so I'd thought I would share it with you guys.


    Diego Sousa said...

    too weird man, why would they kick overeem out?

    Henry said...

    I'm like 'meh' lolol

    Icepax_Nmir said...

    I enjoyed reading this :)

    Rob said...

    Marloes Coenen is now saying that Dana White is full of shit and that's not what's actually happening at all.

    cheshire said...

    I think it's better to pay the fighters and then the fighters pay the managers; I mean, it's the fighters who are getting the crap kicked out of them, not the managers.

    Shockgrubz said...

    If it's not White's way, it's the highway. There are some damn good fighters they could pick up. I respect the corporate stubbornness of the UFC on this matter.

    Magnum said...

    I agree with cheshire. Especially since from what I can see it's getting more and more difficult to find good fighters who will also give some spectacular 'performances'.

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